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Bluehost worth it ?

Bluehost Website Builder is a basic website editor built on WordPress . You get high-quality managed WordPress hosting from Bluehost with access to over 300 themes and content blocks that you can use to customize the design of your WordPress site . Overall, Bluehost ‘s WordPress builder isn’t as flexible or easy to use as individual website builders, but it’s one of the best options out there if you’re looking to build a website with WordPress .


  • Includes managed WordPress hosting
  • Pre-designed page sections with multiple layouts
  • Free Email Marketing Tools


  • Limited design flexibility
  • No free trial

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What is BlueHost ?

Bluehost is a web hosting provider based in the United States. Founded in 2003. The company is best known for its managed WordPress hosting plans , which come with WordPress pre-installed on your site and automatically update your software.

Bluehost launched a WordPress website builder in 2021 that makes it easy to create a website in WordPress , even if you have no programming experience. This builder allows you to switch between adding pre-designed page sections to your website and adding content using the standard WordPress editor . It’s not as easy to use as non- WordPress website builders , but it’s one of the easiest options if you plan to create a website with WordPress software .

Using BlueHost

Using Bluehost is easy. The company is known for making things easy for users, and we found that to be the case when creating the site. When you first log in, you’re presented with a to-do list and can easily switch between the Bluehost website builder and the default WordPress website editor . However, if you haven’t used WordPress before, the learning curve for this website builder will be less.


Managed WordPress Hosting

All website building plans include WordPress hosting managed by Bluehost . This includes unlimited storage and bandwidth, a free SSL certificate, and a free domain for one year. Bluehost will automatically update your WordPress installation and plugins .

Unlimited websites

Bluehost website builder is that there is no limit to the number of websites you can create. Each website has its own WordPress dashboard and can connect to its own domain.

How to create a website with Bluehost

The process of creating a website with Bluehost is a little more complicated than with other website builders. First, Bluehost will take you to your hosting dashboard and ask you to create a new WordPress site . Before you can choose a template or make changes, you need to log in to your new WordPress dashboard .

With WordPress , you can choose from over 300 pre-installed themes to launch your site. You can also choose to use any WordPress -compatible theme on your website, but only themes provided by Bluehost are compatible with the Bluehost website builder . Unfortunately, it’s not easy to change the theme later because you have to rebuild your site from scratch.

Bluehost website builder from your WordPress dashboard . This editor offers pre-designed page sections, each containing multiple elements such as text boxes, image containers, buttons, etc. You can choose which elements to show and hide in each section, and each section has several predefined layout options.

We found it easier to use than the standard WordPress site editor , although you still have access to the WordPress interface if you prefer. It’s difficult for the WordPress editor to divide your site into sections with different experiences, and it’s even more difficult to organize content side by side. The Bluehost editor simplifies these basic design tasks.

Bluehost website builder is not a drag and drop editor. By default, page sections are full width and individual content elements cannot be added or rearranged. You can edit your website’s HTML code to make detailed changes, but this option is only suitable for experienced website designers.

Bluehost builder is that once you’ve created your site, you can move it to another host like any other WordPress site . If you migrate, you will lose access to the Bluehost site editor , but you will be able to keep all the page sections you have created so far.

Bluehost ‘s website editor greatly simplifies the process of developing a website in WordPress . However, it is still not a drag and drop editor and is not as flexible as other standalone WordPress site builders .

Adding Multimedia to Your Bluehost Website

Bluehost relies on WordPress ‘ built-in media management system to handle media. This is one of the most important aspects of using WordPress , so we’re glad this system has been preserved.

You can easily import images, videos, PDF files, and most other common file types from your computer. Simultaneous charging is also supported. Once you’ve added files to WordPress , you can organize them into folders and give them descriptions so you can search your library. Bluehost also provides a library of hundreds of stock images to help you with your design.

Overall, we are very happy with the site’s multimedia tools and find them very easy to use.

Marketing Functionality with Bluehost Websites

Bluehost offers several important marketing tools. First, the CreativeMail email marketing plugin is included with all Bluehost website builders . It allows you to collect contacts, group them, and create an unlimited number of email campaigns for free.

Secondly, Bluehost sites can host the famous WordPress blogging tool . You can schedule posts in advance, promote them, and share them on social media. It’s worth noting that posts can also be created from the Bluehost editor , meaning you can merge parts of Bluehost content to create posts.

SEO Functionality & Add-Ons with Bluehost Websites

Bluehost ‘s website builder makes it easy to add meta titles and descriptions to your pages, helping to improve your website’s SEO. You can also use WordPress Media Manager to add meta descriptions to images and videos. All sites also have access to WordPress plugin Market , which has plugins to improve SEO.

Bluehost website builder is missing is a built-in traffic analytics dashboard. However, you can easily measure traffic to your website by integrating Google Analytics or using a WordPress plugin .


Bluehost ‘s website builder integrates with WooCommerce so you can sell unlimited products, digital downloads, and subscriptions on your website. WooCommerce is flexible and offers built-in tools to customize product pages, manage shipping and inventory, and sell to customers.

WooCommerce ‘s advanced features require paid extensions. Additional features included in Bluehost website builder plans depend on your plan level.

Help and support

Bluehost offers 24/7 customer support via phone, email, and live chat. The company also has an online knowledge base and resource center. The knowledge base does not have a specific section for website builders. However, the resource center has several step-by-step tutorials on how to create a website using the website builder.

If you have questions related to WordPress instead of the Bluehost builder , you will find many online forums where you can also get support.

BlueHost Pricing

Bluehost cost ?

Although Bluehost offers some of the cheapest hosting plans among the major providers, the prices shown on the site are discounted «first month» prices. Bluehost hosting plans will cost you a few dollars after the first month of use.

Plans are paid in 12 or 36 monthly payments and there is no free trial. However, you can get heavily discounted prices during the first season.

If you are looking for a single tenant server and are more tech savvy, Bluehost also offers VPS and dedicated hosting.

Bottom line

Bluehost ‘s website builder makes it easy to create a website with WordPress . It offers over 300 pre-designed templates and sections that you can add to your pages with a single click. The builder also comes with Bluehost managed WordPress hosting so you can create an unlimited number of websites without worrying about updating the software.

Ultimately, whether the Bluehost website builder is right for you depends on whether you want to build a website on WordPress . The Bluehost builder doesn’t offer as much design flexibility as standalone website builders like Wix . However, you can take advantage of WordPress ‘s great blogging, media management, SEO, and e-commerce tools , and then you can move your site to another host. That’s why Bluehost ‘s website builder may make sense for individuals and small businesses that prioritize flexibility and growth over design options.